My macarons yang dah siap di packed! Untuk customer yang sudah confirm orders.
Alhamdulillah, cheawy dan tak manis sangat ! Received good responce and feedback from customers.

Testimony from (Fatin via FB on 30Oct11)
"Fatin Nadhirah sedap sgt, pas ni bole order lg
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Testimony from (Suhaily & Zuraini via FB on 01Nov11)
Alley Azura Shuib
Thank you to Lieza Ali... for this cute macaron... very2 sweet like us Zuraini Othman; Lini Ismail...
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Share · 21 minutes ago
Alley Azura Shuib x de la manis sgt..ok la ...dah mkn ..sedap kau... nie yg terbaik la pernah aku rasa...
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Zuraini Othman yup....mmng best...
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Testimony From Nora (Via SMS on 02Nov11 at 0754am)

" A'kum... Liza, thanks dah dpt macs... N sedap sgt. Dpt juga sy merasa. Nti sms acc MBB n amount dia.. Sy nak transfer duit... Sorry le sy makan dulu bayarnyer belomm :D"

Macarons @ RM48/ 15Pcs

Mix With 3 Flavours

(Peanut Butter/Stawberry/Choc Ganache)

Special Thanks To:

Fatin Nadirah,Bangi - 2 Boxes

Suhaily, KLIA - 1 Box

Zuraini, KLIA - 1 Box

Nora, KLIA - 1 Box

Shafinaz, Sban - 1 Box

Stock Fineshed !!

Replenishment by next Monday on 7Nov11

For those interested can place order.


Lieza @ Mainacakes

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Anonymous said...

Salam.. still meniaga macarons ke?

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